Similar to millions of mobile users frustrated by call drops, Gajanan Sakhare, a city-based businessman, took proactive steps to address the issue. Rather than just complaining about mobile operators, Sakhare decided to create an app to monitor call drops, allowing users to make informed decisions.

The app, named ‘Know Your Android! – Call Drop,’ is available for free download and serves as a tool to record and report instances of call drops. Here’s how it operates: when a potential call drop occurs, a pop-up prompts the user to confirm if they want to add it to the call drop monitor. If confirmed, the call is logged in the monitor, and users can later retrieve daily, weekly, or monthly call drop scores, which can be shared on social media.

Sakhare, the founder and CEO of Smartcloud Infotech Pvt Ltd, highlights a significant advantage of the app. Users can use the recorded data to ensure that mobile operators compensate them correctly for call drops, as mandated by TRAI. This feature becomes especially useful when reviewing monthly bills and seeking accurate compensation from operators.

Sakhare recalled that the idea for the app arose from his own frustration with call drops, despite TRAI’s directive on compensation. He emphasized that the app, by identifying potential call drops through signal strength analysis, not only raises awareness about the issue but also contributes to its long-term resolution.

Pune-based HR professional Amol Dhar expressed support for the app, considering it a timely solution. He acknowledged that despite awareness created by TRAI and media outlets regarding call drops, individuals often neglect to complain due to busy schedules. Dhar expressed interest in downloading the app to assess the reality of call drops himself.

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